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First Fly
First Attempt at Fly Tying
I decided to try my hand at fly tying and this is what I came up with for my first product. It is supposed to be a Dark Cahill Dry Fly. I think maybe I didn't do so bad for my first attempt, but I guess the real test will come when I try it out for the first time. I'll keep you posted. This was kind of fun so I think I will try some more. I'll try to tie a new one each week, at least for a while, and we'll see if I get any good at it.
Ryan fishing

Weekend Outing
Finally! Here we are at our favorite spot again and this time we actually caught some fish. It was only a few suckers but it sure beats the boredom of not getting any btes at all. We started kind of late so it was getting dark and cold before we could catch too many. Just as we were leaving though, there were some guys on the other side of the river catching bullheads. It seems every time I come here at night someone is here and the bullheads are biting.

The water is finally warming up and just in time. Next weekend is the opening of trout and walleye season. I hope to spend some time fishing for both and with any luck I'll have some good pictures to post next week.

Corey fishing

Regulation Changes
Be sure to check out your 2000 Michigan fishing guide. There have been some significant changes to trout and salmon fishing regulations on inland waterways. As a result of these changes, there is an additional publication available. It is called "Inland Trout and Salmon Guide 2000," and includes color coded maps that will allow you to find regulations pertaining to a specific lake or stream by finding it on the map.

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