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April 2001
April has come and gone again, and it has been a great start for the fishing. I spent several days during the first couple weeks fishing the mouth of the Pigeon. My first morning out I got a nice 18" inch Steelhead within the first ten minutes. During these first couple weeks I caught 8 Steelhead between 14 and 20 inches long. I also caught and released several browns.
pigeon river


Once the suckers started running, the crowds rolled in. Fishing in crowds has never really appealed to me so I moved upstream and started flyfishing. Apparently all the TV shows I watched and books I read was not enough to make me a successfull flyfisherman. I spent many hours over the next two weeks casting nymphs and wooly buggers with no luck at all. Next time out I am going to bring some trusty old worms just see if there are any fish in there.
first trout 01


Regulation Changes ?
The regulations have changed again this year. Just for kicks I started asking people in the crowds who were sucker fishing about size limits and regulations for trout. When I asked how big a trout had to be to keep here at the mouth of the Pigeon, I got several different answers several of which according to my interpretation of the regs, were not even close.

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