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Northern Michigan Spring
Another spring is here. After missing out on the last few years of Northern Michigan's outdoors, I have decided to make the time to get out and enjoy it again. I completed my first official weekend outing last weekend and plan to have at least one of these weekends a month.
corey fishing

Weekend Outing
Well I didn't have quite the luck I'd hoped for. As you can see I have no pictures of big steelhead yet this week. I took the boys and spent a couple hours at the mouth of the Pigeon with not even a bite. There were a couple guys fishing there who said that 2 steelhead were caught right there last week. I also hear that other rivers are starting to produce. I think the water is just a little cold yet and action should start picking up soon. I will definately try again next week.

The pictures you do see here are about a mile upstream from the mouth of the Pigeon. While we didn't have any luck here either, it was a beatiful day, and we had a lot of fun. It is very relaxing just to be in places like this.

ryan fishing

Regulation Changes
Be sure to check out your 2000 Michigan fishing guide. There have been some significant changes to trout and salmon fishing regulations on inland waterways. As a result of these changes, there is an additional publication available. It is called "Inland Trout and Salmon Guide 2000," and includes color coded maps that will allow you to find regulations pertaining to a specific lake or stream by finding it on the map.


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